FEDPOLY NEKEDE Sale Of Admission Form Into ND And HND

FEDPOLY NEKEDE Sale Of Application Form Into ND And HND. Applications are hereby invited from suitably qualified candidates 2013/2014 Academic Year.

Programmes are available at the following levels: Higher National Diploma (HND) Morning/Evening/Weekend)

National Diploma (ND) (Evening/Weekend), and Certificate courses (Continuing Education Centre(CEC))



Accountancy (AC)
Banking and Finance (BF)
Business Administration and Management (BAM)
Marketing (MK)
Purchasing and Supply (PS)
Office Technology and Management (OTM)
Public Administration (PA)
Co-operative Economics and Management (CEM)
Agricultural Engineering (AE)

(a) Farm Power & Machinery Engineering (option)

(b) Soil/Water Resources (option)

(c) Post Harvest Engineering (option)

10. Civil Engineering (CE)

(a) Structural Engineering (option)

(b) Transportation Engineering (option)

11. Electrical Electronics Engineering (EE)

(a) Power

(b) Telecommunications (option)

(c) Instrumentation and Control (Option)

12. Mechanical Engineering (ME)

(a) Production (option)

(b) Air-condition and Refrigeration/Building Services (option)

(c) Automotive Engineering (option)

13. Computer Science (CS)

14. Architecture (AR)

15. Building Technology (BT)

16. Estate Management (EM)

17. Urban and Regional Planning (URP)

18. Quantity Surveying (QS)

19. Surveying and Geo Informatics (SUG)

20. Food Technology (FT)

21. Science Technology (ST)

(a) Biology/Micro Biology (option)

(b) Chemistry (option)

(c) Physics/Electronics (option)

(d) Environmental Biology (option)

(e) Micro-Biology/bio-chemistry (option)

22. Library Science (LS)

23. Statistics (STA)

24. Mass Communication (MC)

Admission Requirements: (See Current Admission Brochure on the internet)

National Diploma (Evening – 2 Years, Weekend – 2 Years)

Accountancy (AC)
Banking and Finance (BF)
Business Admission and Management (BAM)
Marketing (MK)
Purchasing and Supply (PS)
Public Administration (PA)
Co-operative Economics and Managements (CEM)
Office Technology and Management (OTM)
Agricultural Engineering (AE)

10. Civil Engineering (CE)

11. Electrical/Electronics Engineering (EE)

12. Mechanical Engineering (ME)

13. Computer Science (CS)

14. Food Technology (FT)

15. Library Science (LS)

16. Science Technology (ST)

17. Fisheries Technology

18. Statistics (STA)

19. Architecture (AR)

20. Building Technology (BT)

21. Estate Management (EM)

22. Quantity Surveying (QS)

23. Surveying and Geo informatics (SUG)

24. Urban & Regional Planning (URP)

25. Mass Communication (MC)

26. Computer Engineering

Admission Requirements: (See Current Admission Brochure on the internet)



Library Science
(a) Certificate in Library Science

Community Banking
Purchasing and Stores

(a) Certificate in Purchasing and Stores

(b) Advanced Certificate in Salesmanship

Secretarial Administration
(a) Certificate in Secretarial Administration (CSIV/Sec. Asst. II)

Intermediate Certificate in Secretarial Administration (CS III Senior Sec. Asst).

Mechanical Engineering
(a) Certificate in Machine Tools Practice

(b) Advanced Certificate in Machine Tools Practice

(c) Certificate in Air-conditioning and Refrigeration

(d) Certificate in Vehicle Maintenance

Electrical/Electronics Engineering
Building Technology
(a) Certificate in Building Technology

(b) Advanced Certificate in Building Technology

Estate Management
(a) Certificate in Estate Management

10. Surveying and Geo-informatics

(a) Certificate in Surveying and Geo-informatics

Urban and Regional Planning
(a) Certificate in Town and Regional planning

Mass Communication

(a) Certificate in Mass Communication

(b) Advanced Certificate in Mass Communication


14. Certificate in Electric Motor Rewinding and Repairs 12 weeks

15. Certificate in Electrical Installation 12 weeks

16. Certificate in Advanced Electrical Installation 26 weeks

17. Certificate in Geographical Information System (GIS) 26 weeks

18. Certificate in Fisheries Technology 12 weeks

19. Certificate in Auto Mechanics 36 weeks

20. Certificate in Welding and Fabrication 36 weeks

21. Certificate in Fitting and Machine 36 weeks

22. Certificate in Foundry 36 weeks

23. Certificate in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 36 weeks

24. Certificate in Computer Literacy 3 months

25. Certificate in Computer Maintenance 6 months

26. Certificate in Information Communication Technology 1 year

Admission Requirements: (See Current Admission Brochure on the polytechnic website)


Payments for Admission Forms are made through eTranzact in the following designed Banks nationwide at the cost of N5, 0000.00 (five thousand Naira) only, while that of Certificate courses is N3, 000.00 (three thousand naira) at any of the following banks.

1. Fidelity Bank PLC Nekede : Account No.- 4110009105 For all Evening programme admission forms

2. Access Bank Plc: Account No – 0058781816 for all Weekend programme admission forms

3. (a) Zenith Bank Plc: Account No. – 1010663999 – Morning Programme

(b) First City Monument Bank Plc: Account No – 0286043053 – Morning Programme

(c) United Bank for Africa Plc: Account No. – 1915498529 – Morning Programme

Applicants should fill their forms online at www.federalpolynekede.net on or before 30th of June, 2013 for HND (Morning) and 31st August 2013 for others.

I. M .Aligbe

FEDPOLY NEKEDE Sale Of Admission Form Into ND And HND

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