Funny Akpors Experiences In The Examination Hall!!!

While preparing for WAEC Akpors told his classmates to to pay money so that he would see a herbalist, according to him once the exams commenced no one would be able to see them cheating. A large number of students paid to him and when the exams commenced they where all whispering and urging him to lead the way.

Of course the guy didn’t do anything but when the pressure got too much, Akpors mustered courage and walked to the front of the hall, opened his bag brought out his book and strolled back to his seat. His confidence obviously confused the invigilator who assumed he had just gone to pick a pen.

Immediately he sat down another guy leap to his feet and sauntered to the front of the class to get his notebook but this time the invigilator was watching closely and as he strolled back to his seat with his Book she screamed at him “what are you doing? ” He turned in Surprise and gasped ” Can you see me?!?” LOL

Funny Akpors Experiences In The Examination Hall!!!

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  1. laugh wan kill mi o o, this is really funny, Akpors the wisest comedian ever.

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