Re-Marking Of JAMB UTME 2013/2014 Results!!!

Having gone through the released results of some candidates who sat for the 2013 UTME exercise, especially candidates who are currently students of the University Of Nigeria(UNN), The Global Resources, has described the examination body “Inefficient” and branded the results “a Failure”, and “a means to prevent admission seeking candidates” from furthering their education.

The body, insists that the results shown to most of these candidates, is in reality, not theirs. As described by Obasi. D. C. Chinedu, “I might assume this to be a database error, or something of sort, because, from what I have seen, the released results does not belong to the owners”

“Imagine a student of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, obtaining 49 out of 100 marks in biology. Not that this is impossible, but that with the question answered, and the person who sat for the examination, THIS IS REALLY IMPOSSIBLE.”

• “Is JAMB trying to tell us that, the breaking down of food substances is no longer, CATABOLISM, but now ANABOLISM?
• Are they trying to prove that “Taenia Solium can be found in “COWS” and no longer “PIGS”?
• Perhaps the system has changed and the structure in earthworm is no longer “CLITELLUM” but now “COCOON”?
• Maybe Plant that grows in dry areas are now “HYDROPHYTES” and no longer “XEROPHYTES”
• Or perhaps, Proboscis are now found in “AMPHIBIANS” and not “INSECTS”
• Obviously, the enzyme in the saliva is now “RENIN” and no longer “PTYALIN”
• Maybe plants with devices for trapping insects are now “SYMBIOTIC” and no longer “CARNIVOROUS”
• I would understand if an example of parasitic protozoan is “PARAMECIUM” and not “PLASMODIUM”
• Even Secondary school teachers never knew that “PLASMA” helps in clotting of blood, The told us it was “PLATELETS”
• One should attend a JAMB International Secondary School So as to be taught that, “SEBACEOUS GLAND” is involved in excretion and not “SWEAT GLAND”.
• I also forgot that the structure which provide supports in the body is “MUSCLE” and not “SKELETON”
• Also, Chitin in arthropods is strengthened by “PROTEINS” and not “CALCIUM COMPOUNDS”.
• What is the point spending 6 years in high school, and learn that transfer of Pollen grains from anther to a receptive stugma is “POLLINATION”, when JAMB believes, its “PROPAGATION” or perhap, “PLACENTATION”
• Now, Every Nigerian Believes that the male reproductive organ of a plant is “PETAL” and no longer “STAMEN”, thanks to JAMB.
• I also forgot that the most important plant hormone is “ABSCISIC ACID” not even “AUXIN”
• Lest I forget, in the next JAMB UTME, if there would be any, remember that, “OESTROGEN” is Synthesized in the “TESTES” and not the “OVARIES”
• Even WAEC/NECO/PRE-DEGREE lecturers do not know that the group which universal recipients belong to is “O”, and not “AB”. If you doubt, Ask JAMB.

Its only appropriate for the management of the Joint Admission and Matriculation board(JAMB) to be bold enough and Face the public, admit that they have made some possible errors in the marking, and/or Results database, rather than TRYING TO COVER THEIR INEFFICIENCY, and in the process, giving admission seeking Nigerians, a natural disadvantage ahead of the coming psot-utme.

Just imagine a student seeking admission into medicine at UNN, with 221 marks. That’s almost an impossible Comeback.

What do we say about candidates who thumb-printed clearly at their examination centres, had their Exam slips signed(proving successful thumb print) but are still yet to see their results owing to No-Biometric Verification, while some others did not thumb-print, but have seen theirs???

Its obvious to every literate Nigerian, that something is wrong with the released 2013 UTME Results, but what is not clear is why the board(JAMB) are still yet to see this, or perhaps, are trying to cover it.

If the board bequest, we have REGISTRATION NO’S of candidates to prove our points, and if the board(JAMB) insist that the results is ok, We would give you a single reg no to remark the script, if the scores stay the SAME(with nothing less than 40 Marks Increase), SEIZE THE RESULT, however, if the scores differ, REMARK ALL JAMB 2013 UTME RESULTS.

Its high time, the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board(JAMB) come out and accept their mistakes, with protest already in Sokoto, Kano and Edo. How many More Protests do you wish to see?

This is the first JAMB results ever that has called for protests!!!

JAMB: Something Is Wrong!!!!



Re-Marking Of JAMB UTME 2013/2014 Results!!!

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  1. Oluwafemi

    What a great finding! How I wish this get to Minister of Education’s desk for her attention. Let Jamb registrar refute the fact that there is an error in their marking of jamb script to the detriment of innocent candidate. I think those that are asking for scraping of Jamb is right afterall.

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